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Service Fees

Am I charged to use HSBC Internet Banking?
No. The good news is that HSBC Internet Banking is free to all of our customers! Naturally, some specialised transactions do incur fees. Please refer to the table below.

Service Charge
Transfer to overseas Please click here for details.
Stocking trading 0.25% commission
Stock Quote Charge Any additional used real-time stock quotes exceeding your free real-time stock quote* count will be charged at HKD0.1 per quote, and will be debited from your account in the first seven working days of the next month. (The maximum monthly charge for access to real-time stock quotes is HKD250.)

* HSBC Premier customers 1,000 free quotes per month
  General HSBC customers 500 free quotes per month

For every HKD50,000 local securities trading turnover, 200 free quotes will be added to your free real-time stock quote count in the first seven working days of the next month.
Market Live HKD380 per month.
For every HKD1million local securities trading turnover, a one-month fee waiver for Markets Live will be awarded.
Standing instructions HKD150 for each standing instruction returned as a result of insufficient funds

Charges for execution of a standing instruction for overseas transfer
Please click here for details.

  Hong Kong dollar e-Cheque Renminbi e-Cheque US dollar e-Cheque
Stop Payment Order Each e-Cheque via HSBC Internet Banking1 Waived Waived Waived
Each e-Cheque via other channels2 HK$150 HK$150 HK$150
Returned e-Cheque Each e-Cheque returned due to insufficient funds 3 / exceeding RMB cheque limit 4 HK$150 RMB200 HK$150
Each e-Cheque returned for other reasons 5 HK$50 RMB50 HK$50

1. Online stop payment orders can only be performed during specified operating hours and before a payee has presented the e-Cheque.
2. Stop e-Cheque service is available via branch and Phonebanking. Stop e-Cheque via Phonebanking is available for Business Customers only.
3. If you issue an e-Cheque which would either cause your account to be overdrawn or exceed an existing overdraft limit, we may treat this as your informal request for an unauthorised overdraft. We may, however, refuse your request and return the e-Cheque to you and charge a handling fee without prior notice.
4. This charge is made for the amount of a single e-Cheque issued and presented in Guangdong Province (including Shenzhen) exceeds RMB80,000.
5. If you issue an e-Cheque which contains an error(s) or it is not issued in accordance with our requirements, we will return the cheque to you. A handling fee will be imposed without prior notice for returning the e-Cheque and relevant administration incurred.