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How far back can I view my transaction history?

  Account type   Transaction History Interval
  Current Account/Savings
  Account/Gold Account
  Up to last bank statement cut-off date
  Credit Card Account/Investment
  Up to last 60 calendar days

For Passbook Savings, only those transactions that have not been printed on the passbook will be shown.
However, if there are more than 28 transactions not being printed on the passbook, these transactions will
be summed up an shown as "Net Back items" in the transaction history. You will not be able to view the
individual details of these transactions.

When will my account be determined as inactive?

Your account will be inactive when it has no transactions for a period of time as determined by the Bank. The Bank may restrict or impose conditions for accessing the account if it has been inactive. Please refer to table below for applicable periods of various account types).

  Types of account   Account will be inactive when no transactions for a period of
  Time Deposits
  Wayfoong Gold
  12 months
  Current Account
  HSBC Advance
  HSBC Premier
  Margin FX Account
  Passbook Savings Account
  Personal Integrated Account
  Statement Savings Account
  SuperEase Account
  University Student Account
  24 months
  Investment Account   36 months

You may click here to visit The Hong Kong Association of Banks for information of 'Understanding Dormant Accounts'.

How can I reactivate my inactive account?

You could visit any of our branches in person and perform a withdrawal transaction to reactive your inactive account. For investment account, you could contact our branch staff to complete a form for account reactivation.